Share your plans with me: stop by or email me about your plans before Dec. 20th.

Don’t have a plan, stop by or email me & we’ll figure out some!

Many people will support you, but you have

to initiate and get moving in the direction you want to go!!!smileyyes


Have you applied to a college, trade/tech school, university, military, or to get a certificate/license?  blush

IT IS TIME TO MAKE SOME DECISIONS AND TAKE STEPS towards your plans!!  Do you have a plan?  If not, get one!!!    

UT applications are due by Dec. 1st

Texas A&M applications are due Jan. 2nd (changed from Dec. 1st) 

SFA Applications are due anytime, but Dec. 1st gets you some benefits!

Sam Houston Application are due August 1st but don’t wait that late!

CHECK WEBSITES to see when YOUR school’s deadline is!!!           

Sending Transcripts-Sign sheet in the GO Center or email Mrs. Sims!


  1. TAKE YOUR SAT or ACT in Dec. IF applying to a 4 yr. school!
  2. ACT on Dec. 9th (late registration is open)
  3. SAT on Dec. 2nd (late registration is open)
  4. TSI tests need to be taken before you register for college/university classes (see “TSI” for sign ups)enlightened
  5. Upcoming TSI dates:  Nov. 29 & 30 (choose from 8:00 AM or 12:00 noon testing sessions)

SAT & ACT Scores—Go to www.collegeboard.org or www.act.org to send

Mrs. Sims can send TSI Scores next semester to any college/university!

Pay for College:

AC Scholarship Workshop Dec. 6th 1:30-3:30 !!!

  1. FAFSA help available in the GO Center. Make an appointment if you need your parent to come work on FAFSA in the GO Center.
  2. FAFSA deadlines March 1st for most universities & colleges
  3. Scholarships--on the bulletin board outside the GO Center & monthly binders inside the GO Center
  4.  Lots of books, binders, and other resources inside the GO Center.

heart If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!!  That’s harsh, but it’s true!!! cool


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GO Center Counselor/Coordinator








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