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Carla Ladner

We are ready for an awesome 2018-19

Hudson Hornet Tennis Season!!!


Welcome to the Hudson High School Tennis Team Page:


As coach of the HHS Tennis Team, I am excited about this coming year and our Fall Semester and Spring Season.  I have some great matches lined up for 2018-19 and we are building an exciting roster of athletes!  The team and I will strive to play at a competitive level within our district while building and maintaining a winning program.


We will be focused on developing a solid game for each player based on sound fundamentals and mechanics, along with a strong foundational understanding of the sport.  We will build upon these fundamentals and the foundation to create experienced, knowledgeable players who will be ready to move into an active role within a collegiate level tennis program when they leave HHS.  


Each member of the HHS Hornet Tennis Team is valuable.  Our athletes support one another both on, and off, the court.  The HHS Hornet Tennis program is centered on CHARACTER.  Our character is our strongest part of our game - we work hard to represent HHS Tennis, Hudson ISD and ourselves through:


  • Integrity

  • Honesty

  • A Strong Work Ethic

  • Support for our Fellow Players

  • Support for the Tennis Coach and the Tennis Program


With these attributes as the keystone of our program, we are committed to using tennis as the platform for building future role models and leaders.  


Coach Ladner


"Life is a lot like the game of tennis. . .  

The person who serves well seldom loses."





Coach: Carla Ladner


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