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Fall Semester Practice Schedule

2018 Fall Semester Practice Schedule

Our Fall Semester Tennis practice schedule will be the following days and times (PM) each week:

  1. Monday – Practice 2:40-4:15

  2. Tuesday – Practice 2:40-4:15

  3. Wednesday – Practice 2:40-3:30

  4. Thursday – Practice 2:40-4:15

  5.  Friday – Practice 2:40-3:30

During all practices we will primarily be outdoors on the tennis courts.  Water fountains are provided and we will take mandatory team water breaks. A water break will last 2-3 minutes, during which time a student may sit in the shade. Caps are suggested for all players. Remember USTA regulations for water breaks is 90 seconds. The time of the water breaks may be adjusted due to weather conditions. The health and safety of each player is of the utmost importance. For conditioning purposes we will adhere to the 90 second water break as often as possible.

I will allow all players to carry a plastic, sealed water bottle and towel with them during practice.  They can keep it next to, or behind, the court on which they are performing drills, or playing.  They will be allowed to drink as needed from this bottle in between our normal break times.  I encourage you to provide a bottle for your student athlete; it provides a sense of comfort for the player, as well as helps them be certain they are hydrating.

Our practices strictly abide by all UIL and HISD guidelines and rules including those for heat, inclement weather and practice schedule time allowances.   On days that are deemed unsafe to practice outside, we will move our practice indoors for the duration.  These practices will be more aligned with conditioning work rather than tennis play.  They will still be of high value and benefit to our players.

I encourage and ask all parents to share with their student athlete the vital role that hydration and nutrition play in being successful as an athlete.  Hydration and nutrition should begin at the start of the day and continue onward throughout the day, including during and after practice.   If you, or your student athlete, would like to meet to discuss proper hydration and nutrition strategies for success, please contact me at  I am happy to visit with you in person, or over the phone, to discuss this and any other questions you have.

I thank you for your help and for sharing your student athlete's talent with Hudson Tennis!


Coach Ladner

"Life is a lot like the game of tennis. . .  

The person who serves well seldom loses."


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