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2015 Spring Tennis Schedule

2015 Hudson HS Spring Tennis Schedule

Check back periodically for updates.  CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!

Month   Day    Tournament       Time       Where

January               27               Nac Varsity Dual                          3:45 pm               Nacogdoches

                             30               Center Varsity Dual                   4:00 pm                Center

February              6               Jax Varsity Tny                             8:00 am                Jax

                               7               Hudson Varsity Tny                     9:00 am                SFA

                             10               Tyler Lee JV Tny                           7:45 am                Tyler

                             13               Kilgore Varsity Tny                     8:00 am                Kilgore

                             18               Kilgore JV Tny                              8:30 am                Kilgore

                             20               Tyler Lee Varsity                         7:45 am                Tyler

                             26               Nac Varsity Tny                            9:00 am                Nacogdoches

March                  19               Hudson JV Tny                              9:00 am                Hudson

                             20               Van Varsity Tny                            8:00 am                Van

                             27               Longview Varsity Tny                  8:00 am                Longview

April                      7               diboll                                              3:45 pm                Hudson


*In the case of incliment weather for any Varisty Tny, the make up date is the following day (Saturdays included).


District Tournament: April 13-14

Regional Tournament: April 20-21

State Tournament: May 12-13

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