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Study Hall Guidelines


Study Hall Guidelines


I. High School Campus

A. Students must have prior permission via note, email, or verbal/tech communication from the teacher to whose class they are going to. Please allow students who have teacher permission to report to their teacher after you have taken Study Hall attendance (we must assure we constantly inform students to report to Study Hall before they go elsewhere).

B. Students are required to stay put in the classroom or area in which they have permission to be. Discretion will be used in special circumstances for students who have been absent for an extended time.

C. Students going to the library to work on a project/assignment will need permission via note, email, or communication from their study hall teacher directly to Mrs. Ashby.

*Students will not be allowed to go to the library for the following reasons:

1. To work on homework (this can be done in the classroom)

2. To utilize computers for personal use

3. To browse, mingle, etc.

II. Classroom Structure

A. Students must utilize Study Hall to work on their academic assignments.

B. Students will not be allowed to utilize technology for personal leisure. This includes listening to music, games, and any other non-academic use.

C. Classroom environment must be conducive to learning.

*All student matters that do not comply with this structure will be dealt with in a disciplinary manner*

III. Students in Athletics

A. Students will be accountable to their coach of record. Head coaches will have discretion to utilize their assistants to monitor their student athletes.

B. Students will be allowed to come to the high school campus for academic purposes or planned club/committee meetings ONLY.

C. If a coach wishes to come over with their team to utilize an area of the high school campus (i.e. the media center), then prior communication is needed to do so.

*The overall goal of Study Hall is to provide our students with additional school time to work on academic assignments (not to give students time to socialize, sleep, wander the hallways, etc).*

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