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2014-15 UIL Eligibility Calendar

Hudson ISD

2014-2015 Eligibility Calendar



End of 1st six weeks                            October 3rd  

Lose eligibility                                    October 10th  

End of 1st nine weeks                          October 17th

Lose or gain eligibility                         October 24th   


3 week grade check                             November 7th   

Regain eligibility                                  November 14th  


All students are academically eligible during Thanksgiving Break

(November 21st after school until November 30th midnight)


3 weeks grade check                            December 5th   

Lose or Gain eligibility                        December 12th

End of 2nd nine weeks                         December 19th    


All students are academically eligible during Christmas Break

(December 19th after school until January 5th midnight)



            3rd Nine week grade period begins       January 6th

Lose or gain eligibility                         January 13th

3 week grade check                             January 26th      

Regain eligibility                                  February 2nd

3 week grade check                             February 13th  

Regain eligibility                                  February 20st

End of 3rd nine weeks                          March 6th 



All students are academically eligible during Spring Break

(March 6th after school until March 15th midnight)


            Lose or gain eligibility                         March 23rd   

            3 week grade check                             April 2nd

Regain eligibility                                  April 9th  

3 week grade check                             April 24th     

Regain eligibility                                  May 1st   

End of 4th nine weeks                          June 3rd  


All students are academically eligible during the summer vacation

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