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Tennis Handbook 2018-19

Policy & Procedures Handbook



The primary purpose of this handbook is to acquaint you with the rules and expectations of the Tennis program.  You are responsible to read and understand the contents in this handbook.  In the event that there is something in the handbook you do not understand, please bring it to my attention as soon as possible.

Our policies have been placed in this booklet so you will understand from the outset what is expected our players.  This handbook was not made to disrupt the lines of communication between the coaches and the parents, but to encourage it.  

Participating in Tennis is privilege and not a right; we hold higher standards for those who participate in Tennis than we would for those students who choose not to participate.

The main goal for the Tennis Program is to establish discipline for the players.  Without discipline we cannot achieve our goals that we have set for the team.  Discipline is defined as “Training which corrects, molds, or perfects the mental faculties or moral character, behavior which results from such training; obedience to authority or rules; punishment meant to correct poor behavior”.

The second goal of the Tennis Program is to teach boys & girls how to work as a team to accomplish the team’s and each individual player’s goals for the season.  


1. Players are expected to represent the community, school, and team with dignity and class at all times.

2. Players are expected to be at practice, on time and ready to work.

3. Players are expected to behave in the classroom, at school, and school sponsored events at all times.  Failing is something inevitable, but misbehaving IS NEVER ACCEPTED.

4. Players are expected to encourage your teammates and keep a positive attitude at all times.

5. Be responsible for your own actions do not blame anyone for your actions but yourself.

6. Players are expected to conduct themselves on the court intelligently during practices and matches.  No player will use abusive language at any time.

7. Follow all USTA Rules (The official USTA rules can be found online at the USTA Website)


Discipline Policies and Training

Rule Guidelines

A great deal will be expected of all Tennis Players.  The following is an explanation of Discipline Policies that will be adhered to ALL players.

THREE ERROR RULE – For infractions of rules and guidelines printed below, the three-error rule will be in effect.  Players will be allowed three infractions or “errors” for the minor violations stated herein before being dismissed from the team.  However, the major infractions, including any illegal or unlawful activity on/or off the courts or campus, will result in immediate and unconditional dismissal from the team.

All players are required to attend all scheduled practices, team meetings, tournaments and matches.  If any player that will miss practice and/or any match or tournament is required to contact the coach and inform the coach that they will miss. 

No athlete is permitted to miss practice to make up any work for another teacher.  We know that academics are very important to our success on the court but making up work during athletic period is inexcusable.  If an athlete has to make up any work it must be made up on their time (before or after school).  Make up work should be made up before or after school during the off-season and before school during the season. 

UNEXCUSED TARDINESS and ABSENCES – Will not be tolerated.  Players will be considered tardy if they are not on the court at the designated starting time.  Tardiness will be excused if the coach is properly informed in advance.  Informing a teammate to tell a coach is not acceptable.

If a player is unable to attend practice, meetings, tournaments or a match, they must request permission from the coach at least on day in advance, except in the case of illness.  The coach will decide to excuse the absence or count it as unexcused.  If any player is going to miss practice they must inform the coach prior to missing practice. 

All tardiness and absences will be dealt with on an individual basis. Unexcused absences may result in, but not limited to, a “quitters drill” as disciplinary action.

Any student that is placed in On Campus Suspension (D.C.) will be disciplined according to the infraction.

On Campus Suspension (During Season)

• 1st Time in D.C.– Extra Conditioning + 1 Match Suspension + parent will be informed

• 2nd Time in D.C.– Extra Conditioning + Two Week Suspension from all matches (player can practice with team) + parent conference

• 3rd Time in D.C. – Dismissal from Team


On Campus Suspension (During Off Season)

• 1st Time in D.C. – Extra Conditioning + parent will be informed

• 2nd Time in D.C. – Extra Conditioning + parent conference

• 3rd Time in D.C. – Dismissal from Team

Grading Policy for 7th Period Tennis Class

Each student will begin each week with a 100 average.

Points are deducted from the 100 average for any unexcused participation of the required activity of the class period. 

Foul Language/Profanity 

Any player that is heard by a coach, teacher, or administrator on campus, at practice, or during a match will be disciplined.  Even though you are athletes you will still act like ladies and gentlemen and not use foul language at any time while you are in the Tennis Program.

• 1st offense – Extra Conditioning + parent conference

• 2nd offense – Dismissal from Team

Offensive Actions/Behavior

Any player that is seen displaying offensive actions/behaviors by a coach, teacher, or administrator on campus, at practice, or during a match will be disciplined.  Even though you are athletes you will still act lady/gentlemen like and not be offensive at any time while you are in the Tennis Program.

• 1st offense – Extra Conditioning + parent conference

• 2nd offense – Dismissal from Team

Match & Practice Gear and Apparel 

All match & practice gear and apparel must meet the approval of the coach.  If any player loses the equipment they will be responsible for replacing the equipment.  Equipment/gear and apparel will be school color only.


Tennis is a team sport and if players fail, their team cannot count on that person to be there for them during the match. Failing grades will be dealt will in an individual basis.  Grade reports will be issued out throughout the school year to check the progress of the players.  If any students need help they are encouraged to ask for help. If a player continues to fail, they may be dismissed from the team if the player regularly fails her classes.  If we can’t count on you to pass your classes, then we can’t count on you to be there for the team when the team needs you.

Parent Conference

If any parent would like a conference with a coach, they are asked to call the coach at school and set up a conference with the coach and Head Coach during their conference period.  Parents/Guardians should address all concerns to Head Coach. Coaches will not have a parent conference after any match.  Playing time is the decision of the coach and/or coaches and will not be discussed with the parent at any time during the season. 


Girls must keep their hair pulled up/back and out of their face.

Boys’ hair must be short in the back above the collar and above the eye brows in the front at all times. Schedule your hair appointment BEFORE your hair length breaks policy.

Cell Phone Use

The use of cell phones is not permitted during school hours unless permission is granted by one of the coaches.  If a player is caught with a cell phone the coach/coaches will take the phone up and will not be returned to the player until the next school day. If the player continually uses their cell phone, the phone will be taken up and given to a principal for disciplinary action.  If this occurs, the player me be dismissed from the team for breaking team rules and/or refusing disciplinary action from the coach.  


Many times we may have to make cuts to make sure that we first, keep the best players on the roster and second, keep the amount of players on each team a manageable number.  Cuts are the decision of the coaches and are final.  Players and parents may meet with the coaches to discuss the decision.

Letter Jackets

To earn a letter jacket for Tennis, players must be on the varsity tennis team for one full season (athletic rule).  The athlete must participate in 70% of all varsity matches. If a player is moved up to the varsity during the season and participates in more than 50% of the varsity matches and the varsity district tournament they will be eligible for a letter jacket. Letter Jackets are awarded according to the discretion of the coach and approval of the athletic director.

(Hudson ISD Athletic Handbook p. 5)

Desirable Attitude

Each athlete must maintain desirable attitudes and a spirit of cooperation 

in school and in all school related events. Each athlete must be willing to

cooperate fully with all coaches during class and at all after school

practices. If an athlete conducts himself/herself in a manner that brings

discredit to his/her school team, coaches, on campus, and/or on a school

sponsored trip; he/she may be dismissed from athletics and/or disciplined

according to the circumstances involved. The discipline will be decided

upon by the head coach and will be approved by the Athletic Director.  


(Hudson ISD Athletic Handbook p. 7)

The coach shall have the right to deny an athlete from receiving his/her award if

said student discredited his/her team, school, or coach. To be eligible to receive  

an award, an athlete is expected to abide by athletic policy throughout the

school year. The above rules will apply to managers.



The Head Coach has final say on what team each player makes (JV, Varsity).  If at any time, the coaches may move any player up or down from each respected team.  This is determined by each team’s needs, skill level of each individual player, work ethic by each individual player, and player’s attitude.  This decision is not to be discussed at anytime. 


Fundraising Activities

All players must participate in all fundraising activities unless excused by the coach.




1. Players must be on time and ready to practice for all practices.

2. Proper equipment and attire must be brought and worn to all practices.

a. Athletic T-shirts, long sleeves, and jackets are permitted.   

b. Athletic shorts, sweat bottoms, windpants are permitted.  Shorts must have a 3”inseam minimum. 

c. Proper shoes must be worn at all times.  NO FLIP FLOPS or other shoes that reveal any part of the foot are permitted.

d. Dark colors, such as black or navy blue is not permitted during certain times of the season. The coach will inform the players of this time period.

e. Any inappropriate pictures/graphics on apparel will not be allowed at any time.

3. Any player that misses 3 practices (unless excused by the Head Coach) will be dismissed from the team. 

4. Any player that misses practice before a match will not be allowed to participate in that upcoming match.

5. Any player that is late for practice will have extra conditioning and may be suspended for one match if the reason why they are late is not excusable.

6. No player will be allowed to leave practice early unless the coach is informed before practice and the reason is excusable.

(Hudson ISD Athletic Handbook p. 4)

All athletes are to be at all practice sessions and games unless they are sick or

have permission from the coach. Going to the doctor or dentist during workout

time will not be excusable unless a medical emergency occurs or the athlete

has a note from a doctor. If an athlete is not going to be present at a practice or

game, he/she must contact the head coach of that sport to inform them that

he/she will not be present (even if they are absent from school). If an athlete

does not let the coach know that he/she is going to be absent (even if they are

sick), he/she will be penalized.  Penalty will be determined by the Head Coach

of that sport.


1. Players will be at the match/tournament at the designated time.  If the player is late to the bus for any out of town match, they will be left behind and will not be allowed to play if they show up for that match/tournament.  

2. No player is permitted to carry on a conversation with parents/fans during the match.  If players need anything they must inform the coach(s) and the coach will address the problem or concern.  This rule is in place to ensure that the player stays focused on the match and job at hand.

3. No player is allowed to throw any piece of equipment at any time.  Any player that throws equipment will be removed from the match at that time.  If this problem continues to occur.  The player will be dismissed from the team.

4. No player is allowed to argue with any coach/umpire at any time during a match.  

5. No player will be allowed to use the phone 30 minutes prior to any match unless approved by a coach.  

6. All match scores must be reported to coach immediately after leaving court.

7. Bring enough food and drinks to each match/tournament to last for the day.

8. The bus must be cleaned thoroughly upon returning to school. No one will be dismissed until bus passes inspection.

9. Any unexcused match/tournament absence is grounds for immediate dismissal from the tennis team. This is the discretion of the head coach and athletic director. 


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