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Assessments & Accountability

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Clock  Assessments and Accountability

Upcoming Test Dates:

PSAT – October 12 Access for test preparartion is through College Board

Juniors sign up the week of September 19- 23, 2022

Freshman sign up the week of September 26-30, 2022

  • All testing sign ups are in the order payment and registration are received.


Tier 1- Students who are in need of making up hours in order to receive credit in all classes will be asked to attend morning or afterschool tutorials by Mrs. Matthews or Mrs. Huggins. These will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 3:35 –5:00pm.

Tier 2- Students who are in jeopardy of failing a class for the nine weeks will be asked by their teacher or Mrs. Ratcliff to attend  afterschool tutorials to receive additional teacher support during those times.

Tier 3- Students are invited to Tier 3 in order to makeup classes they have been unsuccesful in mastering during the previous school year. Students invitation will be based on willingness to commit the time to make up the class. 

HB4545 Students who qualify for additional tutoring will be contacted by the counselors or administration.