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Kathleen Sanders



Welcome to my "home"!


This year I will be teaching AP Calculus, Advanced Algebra II, and Algebra II.  In this website, I hope you will find information that will make your year easier and more successful!  In the first week of class each student will receive a copy of class grading policies and procedures.  Please look over these so you will be familiar with them as well.  (I'll attach a copy to the subject page.) I hope you will feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your student's progress.

Good Luck!

Kathleen Sanders


Homework Help Sessions

I am available from about 7:35 until 7:55 on Monday through Friday mornings.  If your student needs extra help on a topic or just needs to catch up on make-up work, he/she is welcome. This year we will also have two 30 minute study hall times built into the schedule on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

A calendar with the homework assignments along with the dates of major tests is available on the student's class page.



Supplies for all classes include:

* 1 ½ inch binder (my preference) or a spiral notebook—if you are buying a spiral, I suggest at least a 3 subject spiral.

*a folder (if you get a spiral)

*pencils (mechanical or old style)                                    

*Paper—lots of paper for a regular class and lots and lots of it for the advanced classes


Each student will be issued a calculator during the first week.






Class Schedule 

 Monday, Wednesday, Friday

1st Period—Algebra II                                          8:00--8:55

 2nd Period—Algebra II                                            9:00--9:55   

  3rd Period--Algebra II                                           10:00--10:55

  4th Period—Advanced Algebra II                                 11:00--12:05 

  5th Period—Calculus                                            12:40--1:35

  6th Period—Advanced Algebra II                           1:40--2:35

  7th Period--Conference                                          2:40--3:30


 Tuesday and Thursday

 1st Period—Algebra II                                          8:00--8:50

  2nd Period—Algebra II                                            8:55--9:45   

  3rd Period--Algebra II                                              9:50—10:40

  Study Hall                                                               10:40--11:10

  4th Period—Advanced Algebra II                                  11:15--12:20 

  5th Period—Calculus                                              12:55--1:45

  6th Period—Advanced Algebra II                             1:50--2:40

  7th Period--Conference                                            2:45--3:35



Kathleen Sanders

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