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Red Ribbon Week - Hudson High SchoolRed Ribbon.svg


Tuesday 10/24 - Red, White, & Blue Day

Wednesday 10/25 - Mathletes & Athletes Day

Thursday 10/26 - Hollywood Day

Friday 10/27 - Decade Day

Tuesday 10/31 - Costume Day

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Red, White &Blue


Mathletes & Athletes Day 







Hornet Herald E-News
The "official" news of Hudson High School  

Hudson High School Dress Code

Grayson Campbell


    Another summer has passed far too quickly, and another school year has begun. Just like every other school year, the administration is having a difficult time enforcing all of the school’s rules. The dress code and phone policy have remained the same, but they are going to enforce it much more this year.

    The school is locking down on cell phone use this year. The rules have always been that you can’t have your phone out or on during school hours. In year’s past, the administration has been more relaxed on their enforcement of the rule. Unfortunately, there were some issues with cyberbullying and posting inappropriate remarks and photos on people’s social medias during school hours. Cyberbullying poses a threat unlike anything else for schools. Thirty years ago, bullies had to work hard in order to torment the other kids at school. Now, bullies can be anyone with an iPhone and a Gmail. Hudson is trying to protect its students from cyberbullying at school while creating an atmosphere for us to learn.

    The second problem facing Hudson High School’s administration is the dress code. The school’s position on how students should be dressed has been the same as in the past. Shorts and dresses should come to 7 inches above the knee when the student is kneeling, spaghetti straps and tights aren’t allowed at school, and students aren’t allowed to dye their hair an unnatural color. Hudson is enforcing the dress code in order to create a distraction-free learning environment.

    Rules are the unglamorous aspect to every part of life. However, rules define who we are as a society and what we will stand for. Please do your part and abide by the policies that the school has set before us. For more information, please look at the Hudson Independent School District 2017-2018 Student Handbook and Code of Conduct on our website.


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no_food_or_drink_sign_vector_by_mrmephobia-d7ybgay.jpg  Clear water bottles only in the classroom. All other food and drinks need to be eaten before entering the buillding or during lunch.




 Student Council will host the annual Powder Puff Football game on Oct. 17. There will be three games starting at 6:30p.m.



NHS emblem       National Honor Society welcomes the following new senior members:

        Leslie Barrera                                               Sebastian Benitez

        Taylor Cabrales                                            Jessica Cummings

         Linzi Frazier                                                 Ian Greer

         Hunter Mayo                                                Dovie Murray 

         Stephany Vargas                                         Tiffany Vargas

                                                                                    Tyler York