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*Seniors, email or give Mrs. Sims your acceptance letters when you get them.

*Seniors, when you receive scholarships, email/give Mrs. Sims those letters, as well.

* Seniors make dure to fill out military questionnaire by April 30, 2018

*TSI dates on Go-Center door

April 21- Jr. / Sr. Prom

April  23- Project Celebration Meeting – Seniors

April 26 – Soccer Banquet and Baseball Banquet

May 3rd-Clinic for Meningitis Shots (required for students attending any college/university)

Nurses Station

May 3rd – Basketball Banquet

May 11- . Admission Accomplished Celebration in Hudson gym on Friday, at 2:30 PM. 

May 15-Scholarship Night Ceremony in Hudson ISD auditorium at 6:30 PM. 

May 23- Senior Night from 5:30-10pm on soccer fields

High School Graduation –  Class of 2018Graduation cap
    Saturday, May 26, 2018, at 7:00 PM
    William R. Johnson Coliseum
    Stephen F. Austin State University

April is Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention Month

Ethan McRoberts

(The following article includes sensitive material)

Most schools do an excellent job educating their students about bullying. The standard operating procedures usually include telling a trusted adult. But what if the child’s parent is the bully? Although the common perception of child abuse is one of rarity, it is prevalent in our country. In the United States, a case of child abuse is reported every ten seconds. These reports number 3.6 million each year. Because cases are under-reported no-one knows for sure how many children are abused or neglected in our nation; in Texas, at least 185 children will be abused today. As it stands, between four and seven children lose their lives to child abuse each day. It is the patriotic duty of every citizen to rid our country of this scourge. Suspected child abuse must be reported. If you are a victim of abuse, or if you notice the following signs in a friend or relative please report it.

  • Burns, bruises, black eyes

  • Unkempt or dirty appearance

  • Malnourishment

  • Inadequate medical or dental care

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Urinary Tract Infections

  • Wetting and soiling accidents not related to toilet training

  • Discoloration or scarring of the genital area

  • Difficulty walking or sitting that may indicate injury to the genital area

  • Pain during urination and /or bowel movements

  • Fear or anxiety about a particular person or place

  • Being passive and withdrawn, or aggressive and disruptive

  • Sudden changes in behavior

  • The abrupt change in eating habits

  • A major change in school performance

  • Nightmares or other sleep problems

  • Sudden mood swings

  • Frequent absence from school, reluctance to go home

  • Unusual knowledge of body parts or sexual language

  • Acting out sexual behavior with toys or other children

  • Self-injury

  • Drug and alcohol abuse

  • Promiscuity

  • Running away from home

  • Suicide attempts

  • Eating disorders

If there is an urgent situation please call (800) 252-5400 or any local or state law enforcement. Abuse may also be reported at and

(Many thanks to,, and the Child Advocacy Centers of Texas)





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