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Shopping for new school clothes? Please remember the following hints from our student dress code policy:

               dress code examples


  • DO dress stylish within dress code regulations

  • DO wear shorts, skirts or dresses that measure up to 7 inches above the knee

  • DO wear tights with a shirt or dress that measures up to 7 inches above the knee

  • DO wear shirts with an appropriate neckline.  Bra straps or chest hair is not a

             distraction,  it is inappropriate for school.

  • DO NOT wear halter tops, spaghetti straps, muscle shirts, summer tanks

            (shirts with sleeves cut out) or midriff showing shirts

  • DO NOT wear saggy pants that allow your undergarments to show

  • DO NOT wear tights or form fitting pants without an appropriate top

  • DO NOT wear hats, bandanas or beanies on campus




Please remember cell phones may ONLY be used before and after school and during lunch. 





no_food_or_drink_sign_vector_by_mrmephobia-d7ybgay.jpg  Clear water bottles only in the classroom. All other food and drinks need to be eaten before entering the buillding or during lunch.