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Race for Success

Posted Date: 12/04/2016

Race For Success

By: Emila Lopez

    On Saturday morning of October 29, most members of National Honors Society along with the team of Hudson Highlights volunteered to help with Race For Success. I volunteered as well but I was unsure of what exactly this was for. I asked many peers but no one was quite sure of how these races helped society. All we did was help organize a few things and encouraged the runners. What is Race For Success?

    I found my answer while I was leaving from the races. I approached an older man who seemed like he was a part of the Race For Success official staff. His response to my question was:

“Race For Success is a program that provides schools with financial aid for literacy education from kindergarten to high school. This race is a fundraiser to pay for the cost of providing those programs that schools don’t have to pay for.”

    Race For Success turned out to be much more than we thought. It's great to see our community working together to better our education system. I look forward to helping out for many more years to come and hopefully more people will continue to participate in this fundraiser. 

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