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10 of the Best Pinterest Christmas Gifts

Posted Date: 12/15/2016

10 of the Best Pinterest Christmas Gifts

Kristina Johnson


#1: Miniature Hot Chocolate Kit

Materials: Hot chocolate mix ($4.07), miniature candy canes ($3.82), mini marshmallows ($8.79), chocolate chips ($2.49), chocolate or vanilla wafers ($2.58), glass canisters ($8.60 for 6), ribbon ($2.97)

This adorable hot chocolate kit is amazingly simple and perfect for friends with a sweet tooth or a gift exchange. Canisters can be customized with personal preferences or filled as pictured.

Total cost: $33.32

Total effort (on a scale of 1 to 10): 4

#2: Chill Pills

Materials: mason jar ($7.86), M&Ms ($2.88), paper, tape and/or glue

Holidays can be overwhelming and stressful with incoming relatives, last-minute gifts, and decorating. This is the ideal gift for frazzled family or friends.

Total cost: $10.74

Total effort: 2


#3 Wooden Plaque Door Sign

Materials: wooden plaque ($4.00), chalkboard paint ($4.82), paint brush, twine ($3.67), chalk ($2.40)


This inexpensive rustic gift is both darling and practical. The chalk can be erased and redecorated for other occasions or purposes, making this a wonderful gift for anyone.

Total cost: $14.89

Total effort: 6


#4: Typographical Art Pieces


Materials: puffy paint ($0.97), wax paper ($2.98), canvas ($5.30), glue

This gift is excellent for a loved one with a motto or favorite quote. While it may require decent handwriting and a steady hand, the result is priceless.

Total cost: $9.25

Total effort: 8


#5: Sports Wreath

(can be done with softballs, baseballs, miniature basketballs, etc)

Materials: tennis balls ($23.24 for 36), wire ($1.87), ribbon ($6.74), wreath wire ($2.94)

I have personally made this one. It is super cute, and a great gift for coaches and parents of athletes! However, you have to drill holes in the balls, string wire through them, and tie them to the wreath wire.

Total cost: $34.79

Total effort: 9

#6: Sharpie Mugs

Materials: white mug ($14.97), Sharpies, aerosol shellac ($7.47)

This particular gift is one of Pinterest’s favorites; it is classic, creative, and relatively easy. There are hundreds of designs and ideas online, some involving more artistic skills than others. One could also get a white mug with embossed designs and simply trace them with Sharpie. Be sure to spray the final product with aerosol shellac to prevent smudging and wear!

Total cost: $22.44

Total effort: 3


#7: Mason Jar Snow Globe



Materials: mason jar ($7.86), distilled water, liquid glycerin ($3.88), glitter ($2.45), miniature christmas figurines ($2 to $15), epoxy ($4.14) mod podge sealer ($6.15)

This is one of the most unique and ingenious gifts out there, and it is a great craft to do with children and give to parents or grandparents!

Total cost: ($26.48 to $39.48)

Total effort: 5


#8: Chocolate Dipping Spoons

Materials: decorative spoon ($5 to $10), chocolate bars ($2.10), sprinkles ($2.76), crushed peppermint ($5.97), ribbon ($1.50), cellophane wrap

This is a brilliant idea for stockings and Christmas parties alike. Melt the chocolate in a measuring cup and pour into the spoons, then decorate! Vintage spoons can be found at thrift stores and antique shops for around $1.

Total cost: $17.33

Total effort: 4

#9: Handmade Christmas Card

Materials: paper, pen, acrylic jewels ($4.91)

Make the present of money or gift cards more special by giving this precious handmade card! This is also another great Christmas craft for children.

Total cost: $4.91

Total effort: 1

#10: Reindeer Brownies

Materials: felt ($5.15), tinsel pom poms ($2.45), googly eyes ($2.00), brownies ($2 to $5)

These tasty treats are the perfect way to spread Christmas cheer to co-workers, classmates, and friends. The pictured ones are done with Cosmic Brownies, but this could also be done with homemade brownies wrapped in cellophane.

Total cost: $11.60 to $14.60

Total effort: 2 if done with prepackaged brownies, 4 if done with homemade brownies

Good luck and Merry Christmas!!!

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