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Christmas in Lufkin

Posted Date: 12/15/2016

Christmas in our hometown Lufkin... Christmas in Cleveland ...

Taylor Squyres


This time of year is one of the most exciting times. Christmas time bring joy and smiles to most everyone. There is nothing like being with family and friends, continuing traditions that have been carried through the years. Traditions are very important to some families and even some small towns like ours.

Lufkin is home to some of the greatest Christmas traditions. For many years Lufkin has hosted many events that have become a regular part of the Christmas season for Lufkinites. The lighting of Rudolph the Pumping Unit, the Main Street Christmas Parade, and the Museum of East Texas’ Festival of Trees are just a few of the event that help bring yuletide spirit to life in this small town.

Families and friends gather every year with excitement to go see these things. They may not be digital and new and have a lot of fancy entertainment, but that is not what makes them special. The crowd that gathers, the people that cheer, and the joy brought to the audience’s heart is what makes a tradition special. The special things are the simple things, and the Holidays are what you make of them.    


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