Teacher Pages
Kristin Adams-English 3 & Dance Mary Craft,   Pre-Cal, Advance Pre-Cal, College Algebra      
Russell Allen-English 1, English 2  Robby Hefner,Geometry, Geom. Inc. , Athletics
Emily Meisel-PreAP English 2, AP English 3,OnRamps Eng. Kathleen Hughes, Alg. 2, Adv.Physics, College Phy, Adv.Pre-Cal, AP Calculus
Melissa Scott,  English 4, English 2    Paul Olsewski, Adv. Geom., Statistics, OnRamps Statics, AQR       
Kalin Roberts,  English 3, Eng. 3 Inc, Eng.2, Eng. 2 Inc  Tonya Rigby, Algebra I, Algebra 2, Swimming
Jason Sawyer- English I,2,& 3 Inclusion, Bus. Eng Kathleen SandersAlgebra 1, Algebra 2, Adv. Alg. 2
Erin Weiblinger – PreAP English I, English I Lisa Jones, Algebra 1 Inc., Biology Inc., College Readiness
  Darrell Belt, Math Models Inc. , Geometry, PE Foundations
SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Teri Rich- Alg.1 Inclusion, Algebra I 
Dannie Daniel, Physics, Envir. Systems, IPC  
Alicia HowattChemistry, Adv Chemistry, AP Chemistry  Patrick Largent, PAP WGeo, AP WHistory, Research Methods in Humanities
Terry Mize,Physics, A&P, Medical Microbiology David Adams,Government/Economics
Scott Wallace, Biology, Chemistry, Forensic Sci, Athletics Trent Phillips, Gov/Econ, US History Inclusion, Prin. of Law & Publis Safety
Zach Allen, Adv.Biology, Biology Inc, Athletics Martha Robbins, US History, WHistory, Soc/Psy, Problems & Solutions
  Josh Harris, WHistory, US History, AP US History
  Jason Pierson (replacing Mr. Rush), WHistory, W. Geo. 
Gasper Guerrero, Spanish I, AP Spanish, Spanish 3 Randy RobertsAudio/Video 1, Photography, Audio/Video 2
Marlene Caldera, Spanish 1, Spanish 2 Lori Gowin, BIM 1, BIM 2, Programming, Graphic Design, DIM
Claudia LaraSpanish 1, Spanish 2 Gayle Jones, BIM 1, Prin.of Busines, Money Matters, Robotics
Katelyn McWilliams, ESL, Spanish 2 Rebecca Jaramillo, On-line Instructional Aide
  Lisa Jones – 
Consumer Science HEALTH SCIENCE
Casey GerardCulinary, Culinary Practicum, Food Science Meredith Stanford-Medical Term.,Health Sci.Clinicals,Prof.Com, W.Health Research, Prin.if Health Sci. 
Suzanne RatcliffPrin.of Hospitality, LNW/CD, Prin.of Edu, Restaurant Mgt. Gingera Earley- Principles of Health Sci., Health Sci Clinicals
  Janet Aldredge- LVN
  Angelina College Phlebotomy/CNA, Medical Assistant
Andrew Krupski- Band, Percussion, Jazz, MS Band, Color Guard AG SCIENCE
Mary Turner- Piano, Show Choir, MS Choir, Choir Cody Berry-Principles of Ag,, Equine Sci/Livestock Pro, Adv.Welding, AgPower
Cheryl Lamon-Art 1, Art 2, Art 3, Art 4 Ted Eddins-Ag Mechanics, Wildlife, Welding 1
Gwendy Fenley-Theatre Arts, TA Prod., Cheerleading Dana Rosario-Prin. of Ag., Adv.Animal Sci, Career Preparation
  Wes Capps – Construction Tech
Athletics / P.E.
Glen Kimble- Director, Baseball Meagan Kirtley-Highlights
Zach Allen-Track & Field, Asst. Carla Ladner-Tennis
Wes Capps- Archery, Softball Derek Lillard-Girls Soccer       
Gwendy Fenley-Cheerleaders Abby Martin-Girls JV Basketball
Wade Fitzgerald-Baseball, Asst.,  Richard Meisel-Boys Soccer
Justin Guerra-Boys Soph. Basketball Rhett Peterson- Boys Basketball
Leslea Hebert-CC & Track & Field, Rob Peterson -Boys Basketball
Robby Hefner-Boys Golf Trent Phillips – Boys Soccer, Asst
Kirsten Hines, Girls Basketball, Inclusion classes Tonya Rigby – Swimming, 
Tanner Hines-Jr. Varsity Baseball, MS Athletics, PE Amy Stewart-Girls CC & Track
Cassidy Ivy-Girls Basketball, Softball, PE Josh Stewart-Boys CC & Track
Bianca Jasso-Softball, Asst. Scott Wallace-Girls Golf
  Erin Weiblinger-Cheerleaders