David Adams


Social Studies

Government (.5 Credits)          Economics (.5 Credits)

Government and Economics are two separate, independent courses required by the State of Texas for high school graduation.  Each course is one semester.  A student enrolled in economics in the first semester will be enrolled in government the second semester; government students at the end of the first semester will be enrolled in econmics.

A student must earn a grade of 70 or higher in each of the courses to graduate.  The two course grades can not be averaged.  Failure to make a passing grade in either subject means a student must retake the course he/she did not earn a grade of 70.



                 Contact Information:
              Email: adams@hudsonisd.org
              Phone: 936-875-9232
              Room #:  319
              Conference Period:  2nd Period


Period Courses(s) Time
1st Period Government/Economics 8:00 - 8:55
2nd Period Govenment/Economicsnce 9:00 - 9:55
3rd Period Government/Economics 10:00 _ 10 55
4th Period Economics/Government 11:30 – 12:35
5th Period Economics/Government 12:40 – 135
6th Period Government/Economics 1:40 – 2:35
7th Period Conference      2:40 – 3:30




Class Expectations

Be on time for class
Bring pens, pencils, spiral notebookes, and paper every day
Be courteous to all people
Complete all work in assigned times at passing levels
Follow instructions given in class
Bring economics workbooks and textbook in addition to supplies every day.