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Instructions for turning in assignments on

  • Once you are enrolled in the class, click to select the class.
  • Click submit
  • Choose Single file upload or cut and paste.  Follow the directions for either.
  • Single file upload will ask for you to allow Turn it in to access you Google drive, choose ALLOW.  You will see the title of your essay at the bottom for single file upload or you will see your essay if you cut and paste it.
  • Choose upload. (the button at the bottom.)
  • You will then see your entire document after the document is uploaded. 
  • Finally, you will need to choose to CONFIRM. 
  • Selecting confirm sends your paper to me to be graded.  You can re-submit your paper as often as you would like, up to the due date and time.  Once I have graded your essay I would like for you to go in a read the comments I have made.  These are important and are helpful for you to become a better writer.



English 3


           Daily Class Schedule

Wednesday & Thursday
1st/2nd Period Conference/English 3
3rd/4th Period English 3
5th/6th Period English 3
advisory 1:40 -2:30
7th Period Dance
Monday, Tuesday & Friday
First Bell  7:55
1st Period Conference
2nd Period English 3
3rd Period English 3
4th Period English 3
5th Period English 3
6th Period English 3
7th Period Dance


Student Supply List

1 Composition Notebook


Stylus (optional)

1 pack 3x5 Index Cards

Additional Needs – Not required but beneficial

Kleenex/Facial Tissue

Hand Sanitizer

Post it Notes


Class Syllabus for English 3