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Suzanne Ratcliff



NHS offficers


President:   Carys Bocock

Vice President: Greyson Gee

Vice President of Community Service: Shanza Malik

Secretary:  Emily Hill

Treasurer:   Natalie Clifton





Current Volunteer Opportunities:

Hospice in the Pines contact Demetress Harrell

Buckner Family Place contact: Holly Valentine


  NHS national website

How to become a member of the National Honor Society: 

1st.  Membership in the NHS is by INVITATION only.  Being polite and having a high GPA is not always going to get you accepted. The principal appoints a faculty committee which reviews eligible students and then issues an invitation to those they think meet the standards of character, leadership, scholarship and community service.

2nd. Membership invitations are extended only to juniors and seniors with a 4.25 GPA and who have been a student at HHS for at least one full semester.  Invitations are usually issued once a year.  We do NOT round up GPA's. A 4.24 is going to leave a student out of consideration.

3rd. In order to be invited, we have to start with the GPA.  When we get this information, it takes a MINIMUM of 6 to 8 weeks to do the paper work and get it and the students reviewed. 

4th. If a student comes to us as a member of another NHS chapter, they are automatically considered members of the Pine Tree Chapter NHS.

5th. Membership in the Junior NHS is not the same as membership in NHS and does not transfer.


Organization Calendar

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