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Student Council

Student Council

Click on the link below to complete the 2022-2023 Student Council Application. You must be logged into your school google account to complete it. All applications and dues ($20) are due by Friday, September 30, 2022.

 2022 -2023 StudentCouncil Application

Meredith Young & Christie Swan


2022- 2023 Officers:

President: Olivia Stanford

Vice President: Kinsey Lucas

Secretary: Calli Airington

Public Relations/Historian: Claire Stanford


What is Student Council?
Student Council (StuCo) is a student-run organization committed to increasing student voice and participation in school-related matters through democratic practices. This is accomplished through various monthly activities, through a governing council that reviews student concerns and ideas for a better campus, and through involvement in our school. Each month StuCo actively participates in an activity that promotes our goals and commitments. See list below.

Membership is an application process that takes into consideration good citizenship as well as a desire to continually improve HHS. 


Club Signing Day

Powder Puff

Veteran's Program


Teacher Breakfast



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